Friday, May 6, 2016

Ten Reasons I Keep Attacking Trump

My friends are wondering why I am posting so much anti-Trump stuff on my blogs and social media? They say I need to shut up and get behind Trump.  Let me answer their question once again  It doesn't mean I'll stop hammering Trump...............EVER!  To wit, my ten reasons I keep attacking Trump.

1. I loathe bullyiing - whether by the actual bully or by his followers who say I should fall in line with the bully's will or else.

2. I feel compelled to stand in the breach and shout "The British are coming" only this time it's not the British, it's the socialist progressives and their three candidates (Hillary, Bernie and the Donald).

3. I instinctively distrust anyone who calls himself "The Donald" or suggests we call him "Wonderful Donald".

4. I instinctively distrust anyone who changes his positions daily.

5. I instinctively distrust strip club and casino owners.

6. I instinctively distrust people who use lawsuits and bankruptcy to wipe out their partners' businesses and their customers savings and who think "You're fired!" is a great personal motto.

7. I instinctively distrust anyone who uses the same campaign slogans as Adolph Hitler only changing "Germany first" to "America first" and "Make Germany Great Again" to "Make America Great Again." Won wonder if he's using the same playbook as the late Fuehrer.

8. Based on just the latest policies he's put forward, I can see no basic differences between him and your garden-variety Democrat.

9. He owns strip clubs, casinos, shady businesses and has even shadier relationships with bad people. He's been indicted for racketeering, he's a serial adulterer, brags about screwing his friends' wives and he's bilked tens of thousands of "investors" on Mexican land deals and bad real estate. On the character issue, he fails the sniff test.

10. He's a lifelong socialist/progressive with occasional lapses. His brand of socialism is based on jingo nationalism. The last time we had a national socialist leading a country it worked out very badly.

Just sayin'

Tom King

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